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Miss Those Moments With all of my Faves...

Some of my favorite times are when I get to do what I do best, and dote on the people I love. Coincidently, I have the best staff, and clientele ever. Many of my most favorite people in the world are my clients. I miss the belly laughs we have, our candid one-on-ones. My deepest sorrow is that I am away from you all, and can only reconnect at a later time when much of this tough epidemic has died down, I love and miss you all. We are fairing. Stay safe, stay warm and cool

We have a new pup (her name is Sisu. It's a Finnish term describing someone who has perseverance, determination, the tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience, and hardiness. (With that all being said, I feel that is in each of us.) And this is what to forest looks like while you are all enjoying spring. This is my gorgeous mountain-man husband, Wes sporting his mukluks and some hot toddies to stay warm. What a gorgeous place we live, even during lock-down,

We would love to hear what are you doing to weather the storm. Leave a comment below.

Much love,

Pauliina Greaves

owner / Master Esthetician


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