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spaDAY offers Decadence and reWIND. We are a technique-driven urban day spa that offers skin + body, hand + foot therapies and hand  - crafted beauty products.

About Us

We have well over 25 years of testing, treating, researching and developing. We have pioneered and improved skin + body therapy treatments, with proven results. We incorporate many skin revamping treatments in our decadent facials and massage treatments that directly compete with more costly and invasive procedures that cut too deep, and hurt too much. We help our spa patrons reCHARGE and reWIND




Undo Cruel Time in


Real Skin  +  Body rePAIR

Until now, healthy, youthful skin only seemed attainable with the right filter.  Our ageless, multi- faceted bioavailable formulas, activate through, penetrating the depths of skin for marked necessary repair.


See and be seen!

Beauty and Body

rePAIR Gurus


9th & 9th

955 E 900 S

Salt Lake City, Utah 84105


to limit the spread of covid-19, we are currently accepting online reservations at our 9th & 9th location.  The best way to get answers to your query is by email as we are limiting our in-house presence currently.  Thank you for your patience and support

(801) 604-0005

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